Sammio has now been taken over and changed it's name to Ribble kits & Classics.

If you want a stunning 50's sports car replica with a very similar build and donor, try:

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2 Sept - SOLD

29 June - School Prom Transport

1 June - First Public Outing

20 May - Fitting up

13 May - Priming and Painting

6 May - The circus arrives

22 Apr - Body prepping

18 Apr - Inspection day

15 Apr - More interior work

9 Apr - Interior & dash

2 Apr - Bonnet & panelling

1 Apr - Body adjustments

31 Mar - Wiring & heater

25 Mar -Body fitting

18 Mar - Engine in

11 Mar - Frame modified

10 Mar - Chassis rolling!

4 Mar - Some assembly

26 Feb - Bare chassis completed

19 Feb - Cleaning and Cleaning

12 Feb - Kit turned up

5 Feb - Engine out

4 Feb - Stripping and Cleaning

29 Jan -Working at the rear

28 Jan -Cutting edge

21 Jan -Donor de-construction

The start



You are about to step into a world of fast cars, wild women, and excessive consumption!

Got your attention? Well, I would love for that to be true, but in case I disappoint anyone, it is actually more like: slow cars, old women, and moderation!

I put together a website for my Triumph 13/60 restoration that I did a couple of years ago - If you are into classic car restoration, you may find that one useful, as it gives you a step-by-step guide to stripping and restoring the car.

This site is for the build of my Sammio Spyder, a 50's style recreation in fibreglass which uses the Triumph Herald/Vitesse chassis as the donor vehicle. So, if you have visited, you will have already seen the donor vehicle, my 1964 Mk1 Triumph Vitesse 1600.

This website will take you through the process of turning this......

....into this:

Sammio Spyder

The main advantage of building this kit car is that it uses the original chassis and is classed as a "rebodied classic" for the purposes of DVLA. What this means is that you do not need a SVA or IVA as you do a full blown kit car, just a simple identification check at your local VOSA office.

So if you are still interested then follow my build by clicking the link below.


First installment >>