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22 April 2012 - Body prepping

With the inspection now a distant memory, and a new tax disc in my hand with Triumph no longer - now replaced with Sammio, I am cracking on with the body prep. The weather has been absolutely horrendous and the biggest challenge so far with building the car on the drive. I am actually thinking that I sould be building an Ark instead as the rain has not stopped falling, apart from a few short spells when I have dashed outdside to do something on the car!

The first stage is to get a guide coat on the body. This is simple spray can job with the intention that it will be rubbed down to find the low spots. Looks kind of cool in the black cammo spray job though...


While I was at it I made up the sill closing panels with a small piece of 9mm plywood which was bonded in and fibreglassed and then finished off with filler.


A couple of modifications that I wanted to do included blending in the filler cap, the number plate light and the rear lights. The filler cap will be covered with a nice Aston-style chrome flip-cover, and so the picture shows the standard Triumph fuel cap in place for now. The number plate light was covered with packing tape and body filler used to create the wedge for it to rest on. This and the rear lights will all be tidied up with filler and prepped ready for paint.


The last couple of photos show the rear corners which were shaped initially with spray-foam and then covered with fibreglass and filler, and the front scuttle area where the windscreen didn't quite sit right, so this is being adjusted to have a more even gap.


So, all in all a good day considering the weather, and since the forecast is for it to continue, I am not sure when the next update will be! Hopefully not long!