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4 Feb 2012 - Stripping and Cleaning

Not a lot gets done in the week due to work commitments and other bits and bobs, so Friday night and Saturday was spent cleaning the parts I removed last week from the back of the chassis. The fact that it was bloody freezing outside and I can't get the whole car in in the garage so I opted for working in the warmth instead!

Cleaning involved taking the rear drums off and stripping out the brakes so I could clean and paint everything. I was very lucky in as much as the wheel cyclinders and brake shoe adjusters were relatively new and had been replaced in the last 4-8 years or so. I have had the car for the last 4 years and not done them so they were obviously done sometime before then I reckon!

I invested in a large parts washer from Machine Mart when I did my last Herald up and it proved invaluable then, just as it is doing now. I did have to put it on some wheels, as my garage is getting a bit cramped now with motorbikes and car parts stacking up, so now it can be manoeuvred round nice and easily!

Everything went into the parts washer, and since it was very very cold on Saturday, it was nice to have the heater on in the garage and potter around taking things apart and starting to clean it all up. Even the master cyclinders for the clutch and brakes got a clean up as they were showing signs of corrosion. I actually find all the cleaning quite therapeutic because I know that when it comes to putting it all back together, there is nothing nicer than putting all the painted and new parts on knowling that it should not require any tinkering at weekends and for MOT's for at least a few years. I am stripping everything down, to clean and either regrease or replace as necessary so at least I know it is done. Even the Diff will get a new oil change and the master cyclinders and brakes will get a good clean out and rebuild.

So all in all a couple of relaxing days waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so I can get on to take out the engine and strip down the front suspension. Let's hope it's a bit warmer tomorrow!.....