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02 April 2012 - Bonnet and panelling


With the body all drying from the fibreglass and bonding paste started to get to work on the bonnet and fitted the hoop and grille. The hoop is some half inch tubing that a friend of mine bent into shape and this will be bonded to the bonnet in position. The grille was supplied by Gary at Sammio as part of the kit and is the "beer crate" grille. It is very solid and I wanted it removable so I can paint it, so I welded some tabs onto it and these will have bolts through that will mount is to the bonnet in due course.


Inside the car, I started work on the inside panels that line the cockpit. These are made with 9mm exterior plywood that I cut to shape and then coated in fibreglass resin for added protection. You can see in the pictures that I have cut out the pockets in the sides and the access panel for the luggage compartment.


Last job for the day was to put the windscreen on for a trial fit. It starts to look really like a Sammio Spyder now!